18 December, 2005

Overwhelmed - Dubai Bloggers Meet @ Dome Cafe, Burjuman

  • "We had crime reporters, graphic designers, IT dudes, journalists, game developer, Mech Engineers in our midst, nationality being Indians, Sudan and Serbia!" - Godolphin (read more)
  • "it rocked!" - Maya (read more)
  • "One fine evening, we met by the side of a busy road, a bunch of bloggers, bubbling with enthusiasm and positive energy." - The Backpacker (read more)
  • "Looking forward to the next ones, with a further anticipated exponential growth in the number of attendees in 2006" - AmitL (read more)
  • "It was fun, at last I had the faces and names of the so far unknown." - KJ (read more)

Whoa! Now that was some meet!
The enthusiasm with wich all the bloggers and non bloggers attended the meet was amazing. Everyone got along like a house on fire!
Thank you everyone for making it such a success!!

The attendees were...
Non Bloggers
  • The Crime Reporter (important to keep his identity secret!)
  • Divya (KJ's lovely daughter)
  • KJ's husband
  • Naveen
  • Shiva (who started his blog after the meet)
Here are some pics from the meet...

We hope to see more bloggers at the coming meets!
Check Dubai Bloggers Meet blog for updates!


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