18 December, 2005

Telco to Sue Customers - Sarcasm

A leading UAE Telco has initiated class action law suite against customers it alleges to have engaged in activities undermining its monopoly status and is seeking billions of Dirham as compensation.

The Telco claims that a substantial number of customers have steadily reduced the amount due on their monthly bill by intentionally reducing the usage on the services provided by the Telco ; which is deemed as an act of high level sabotage to the operation of the Telco by its top executives.

The Telco is worried that such action may yet lead to an even more worrisome conclusion in the form of what may become a rival Telco. The executives that prefer to remain unnamed believe that customers have crossed the line for the last time and will not tolerate such arm twisting and bullying anymore.

The said customers were not available for commentary and didn’t answer requests for interviews.


The Lady said...

In other news, eyewitnesses in Dubai reported seeing a camel jump over the moon. There were no casualties.

dreamz said...
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BuJ said...

Is this you Samuraisam?

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