22 February, 2006

Bershka Blah Blah Blah...continues!

Originally posted in funky-ass randomness:

This one's getting funnier, honestly. Quote:

Well, I had to post this one because I got many overwhelming replies from a lot of people, especially in Spanish. And quasiantropòloga informed me that my blog has been published by some Spanish newspaper, suggesting I 'might be starting a campaign' against this group. LOL. Ok so for all you maniacs there, please listen.

I am not sure why I can't stop laughing. Are Spanish newspapers for real?


Anonymous said...

i guess the world got used to the muslims not reacting to any insults (until recently). So it will take them a while to understand that Muslims "CAN" stand up for their rights. I wish they'd do that more often....after all, Muslims are not a minority in the world.

samuraisam said...

yeah i had several visits on my blog from the main bershka, pull + bear company /:

fabio prado said...

I dont think so, anonimous. Personally I dont took Bershka issue as an insult at all. As said before, the background Mosque could simple be an exotic arabic building for westerns, as we dont know exactly the shape particularities in Muslim buildings.

Anonymous said...


You don't think it's offensive.

But bear in mind that there are some very sensitive people out there. It doesn't take much to offend them. And boy, when they get offended, hell breaks loose. Right now things have reached a stage where most people are even afraid to breathe, just in case they offend someone.

Take care, buddy.

fabio prado said...

I see your point. Somebody else also said that people at Bershka should be better informed about local cultures too. Fair enough.

Actually in my opinion they should to have local persons to help in advertisements development avoiding unnecessary misundertands.

Take care.

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