14 February, 2006

Boycott Bershka?!

Originally posted in funky-ass randomness:

I don't know why people can't help bringing religion into focus. Unwanted focus. First, it was the Danish cartoons and now, is this another brewing issue?

Azza notified me of this one. Her friend shopped at Bershka few days back and the picture shown above is the tag of their new collection. What's with the arrow marking 'we slept here'. For God's sake. Draw a hotel. Draw some haunted house. Draw a boat. Draw a cave. Why on earth a mosque?

From what I know, Dubai Municipality will be notified of it. I only hope this teaches a lesson on sensitivity; respect the rules and values of the country you're in. Or pack your bags and go to Denmark.

PS: The picture in question is posted on the blog (link provided above)


Anonymous said...

If that is true then yeah we should seriously think of boycotting Bershka. This kind of offense has got to stop (although I really like their jeans :)!

Anonymous said...

After leaving Dubai recently, i can only say that 'YEAH, their jeans are fantastic and god, i wish i could buy them here!" dont boycott, just call 7 days and let them handle it in their usual senstive way.

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