09 February, 2006

Of Radars and fines

Here's Comment Of The Day:

Twenty-nine-year-old Ali Obaid, a UAE national businessman, paid Dh3,000 in fines last year, and is certain he will not change his driving habits because of radars. "I don't care about radars, and I'll continue to speed anyway," he said.

The purpose of radars is to make people drive slow but there are many ways to fool the system. "I see people drive very fast, and slow down when they see a radar. But when they pass it, they speed again," said Obaid.

Then of course, there's always good ol' Wasta =)


camels-to-camrys said...

Instead of catching bozo's like these and putting them away for a couple of nights in the jumeira lock up, the cops in this town are just concerned with the money. Hard working expats, are the ones who feel the pain.

sheikha cheryl said...

You can't chanage a zebra's stripes. It's too bad, maybe he will kill someone someday then rethink his driving habits.

Al Mulhama, The Inspired said...

'Hard Working Expats are the ones who feel the pain'


Maybe you should rethink that, please.

As a lot of the situations that I've been through have involved expats (ALL) who think they are superior beings and therefore think they own the roads, they nearly never give way, overtake on anothers' lane, make colourful hand signals when they are not given the way as they feel they are due and many more scenarios including driving aggressively, so much so that they cause other vehicles to lose control.

The person you refer to doesn't care and probably won't care because of many reason - NONE OF THEM are beacause he is Arab. He is irresponsible and nonchalant about his actions.

Therefore, let us look at the actions rather than the typical perspective of pre-conceived notions & stereotypical accusation.

There is enough of that going around already

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