24 February, 2006

UAE gave $100m for Katrina relief

Weeks before one of its companies sought U.S. approval for its ports deal, the United Arab Emirates contributed $100 million to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, officials confirmed Thursday.

The Bush administration said the money it received from the United Arab Emirates was nearly four times as much as it received from all other countries combined. Other countries, including some in the Middle East, also pledged large contributions but have not yet sent the money.


BD said...

Implicit suggestion that contribution made was linked to desire for approval of bid for ports. More fodder, indeed.

Highly doubtful that there was any link, as I don't think anyone, including DP World officials, ever expected the current controversy that has erupted. I'm sure DP World was totally pre-occupied with how to come up with a successful bid. This ports controversy has come totally out of left field.

Mohamed Elzubeir said...

It's quite unfortunate to have all this get so blown out of proportion. I for one have been rooting for DP World the whole time, as if it was some sort of a sport! I just have this unexplainable irrational desire to have Dubai rule the ports of the world ;)

But in all honesty, the UAE has been nothing but nice to the US. Be it donations to allowing them to dock here, fly from here, etc. I mean, WTF is wrong the US Congress? Take your petty internal politics home and deal with the world like mature adults already! Freaking bitchy bickering congressmen.

fabio prado said...

Hipocrisy. Only this, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Oh for pete's sake - why does anybody care?

This is just another issue for America-haters to thump their chests about.

I love how the same people who hate the US are now so hurt that the US is not inviting them to the port party and accepting them with open and loving arms. Give me a break...

farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

Agree with elzubeir,

UAE and US have had a good relationship. This port story shouldn't spoil it.

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