17 February, 2006

Update: Bershka apologizes

Originally posted in funky-ass randomness:

Just saw this update. Bershka has apologized in Al Bayan newspaper saying they weren't aware of the picture and didn't intentionally want to offend anyone. The tags have been withdrawn and in some branches, they have been covered with some 'sticker'.


برشكا» الإسبانية تعتذر عبر البيان عن رسوم مسيئة للإسلام

اعتذرت شركة برشكا المملوكة لمجموعة انديكس الإسبانية للمسلمين عبر «البيان» عن وجود مجموعة بطاقات مسيئة للإسلام على الملبوسات والأحذية المعروضة للبيع في محالها المنتشرة في الإمارات وعبر العالم.


John B. Chilton said...

Khaleej Times Online: "We discussed the matter with the exporter, who also confirmed that it was a mistake. He assured us it was not meant in any way to offend the sensibilities of the religion of Islam," Kasinderaw explained.

samuraisam said...

surprise surprise.

Anonymous said...

It is very clear that the KT reporter hasn't seen the image himself, and relied on the female customer's statement.

It would be wise to follow the link further down in this blog and check out the picture; then compare it with the description in the KT online report.

(I personally felt the arrow pointed to some bushes, and there was a mosque in the background.)

Of course there are people who will find an image of 3 hearts with an arrow through them, and 3 Xs, to be "obscene". My, my. Whom will we offend next?

It was pretty smart of Bershka to quickly cover up the image or withdraw some of the goods. We wouldn't want the Mall of the Emirates burning down, now, would we?

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