04 March, 2006

Dubai On Limelight

Dubai has been grabbing headlines lately -- for more reasons than one. First on everyone's minds is the current controversy over Dubai Ports World's acquisition of Britain's Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co., making the Middle Eastern company the possible operator of shipping terminals at major U.S. ports.

Another reason this United Arab Emirate is gaining widespread global attention: Dubai is experiencing a construction boom, with new buildings going up at a pace that rivals China's development -- albeit on the scale of an emirate roughly the size of Yosemite National Park, and with a population of only 1.4 million.........[ Read more ]


BD said...

Good article. Thanks for posting the link. Indeed it's happening--the real Dubai is starting to emerge in the American press.

j a m s h a i d said...

yes bd it is very true, dubai is attracting more and more tourists and investors.

Anonymous said...

interesting article

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