28 March, 2006

A new level of irony

I can't believe nobody else posted this yet!

From the Gulf News:

Sharjah: The traffic week celebrations turned into a tragedy when a speeding motorist killed a traffic policeman on duty.


the shadow said...

I just have to add that I pass through that area every day and I've been flashed by that guy's camera more than once. He was one sneaky fella, hiding it on the median behind construction debris like that.

I would just like him to know: no hard feelings mate. RIP.

ArabLady said...

feel so sorry for that man

samuraisam said...

Just adds to my point about traffic being a complete joke.

"traffic week celebrations"
Who on earth would celebrate the fact that they can't be bothered to persecute errant drivers and have very bad traffic congestion problems? It's not time to celebrate, do that after the problems have been fixed.

Aside from that, sympathies towards that man and his family.

A Yahya said...

that was very sad. terrible.

MD said...

i've mentioned this on my blog under the post titled 'accidents: forgive or forget". sad, really.

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