23 March, 2006

Somebody's going to scream..

Khaleej Times reports rumours, yet again. This one might make government employees who sip two gallons of coffee everyday, jump off their couch, I mean...chair.

According to the rumours, government offices dealing with the general public will have their duty hours changed from the existing 7am (or 7:30am in some cases) to 2:30pm, to 9am to 5pm.

Many of the local government employees KT spoke to about the issue believe that while such a change in working hours would rob them of their leisure hours (most government employees are home latest by 4pm), it would improve the services the general public receives.

1 comment:

redstar said...

Time for them to wake up to the real world and provide a service that people need at a time when they can actually acess it...

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