16 April, 2006

No ban on plastic cups in Dubai

DUBAI — The civic body’s decision on food packaging announced earlier this month does not imply a ban on plastic cups and has been misrepresented by a section of the local media, a senior official told Khaleej Times yesterday.

“Plastic cups have not been banned in Dubai and will continue to be in use. We have simply instructed cafeterias and other establishments selling food items not to use cups that are not meant for hot beverages, whether plastic or any other material,” said Khalid Sharief, Assistant Director of Public Health Department and Head of Food Control Section.

“If it were a ban on plastic cups, the circulars would not have been sent to cafeterias but to dealers and manufacturers of such cups. You can describe the initiative as one that regulates the use of food packaging,” he said.


Keefieboy said...

So what kind of cup is not meant for hot beverages? Mystified.

Grumpy Goat said...

The Calcutta Cup.

Boom, boom!

el condo said...

We understood from the initial report that the Municipality directed against the use of plastic cups for hot beverages, such as tea. The reason was apparently that research showed these cups leach chemicals when used for hot beverages. They could still be used for cold drinks.

So what's new in this report?

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