07 April, 2006

Writers Block - UAE

Fifteen winners attended a creative writing workshop at the British Council in Dubai from 18th to 22nd March. The 15 winners, from all over the UAE, were selected after taking part in a nation-wide writing competition for successfully showing great imagination and outstanding English skills.The theme of the writing contest was 'I Belong'. The workshop was lead by a prominent writer from Britain, Rageev Balasubramanyam, who had the students working collaboratively to develop their writing skills. In time these stories will be a part of an international online story chain. Meanwhile, two of the fifteen winners decided to establish an online-based writing club for amateur writers in the UAE:

Who They
A group of creative people that are enthusiastic about writing and reading.

What Do
They will share their work, their experience, possible opportunities as well as writing tips

...and Why
There arent a lot of online-based writing clubs in the UAE. And Writer's Block's objective is to form a network where we can all inspire and get inspired.

URL: http://writersblockuae.blogspot.com/

Email: writersblockuae@gmail.com

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azucenamaryam said...

see my blog and let's see if we can create some novel ideas. Re; Call for writers

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