11 May, 2006

Pls. recommend a good vet/clinic

'Would appreciate if someone could recommend a good vet/clinic in Dubai as our cat developed some sort of rashes on her ears and some part of her head leaving these areas on her head "furless".

We actually had taken our cat to a clinic 'bout two weeks ago when we first noticed little rashes on her left ear, and the vet advised us to cure her with ear crankers. But it has gotten worst... that's why we're thinking of going to another clinic.


Desert Lady said...

Jumeirah Veterinary Clinic (just off Al Wasl Road) Tel: 3942276


Safa Veterinary Clinic (Close to Choithrams on Al Wasl Rd) Tel: 04 3483799

Anonymous said...

Heres a list i found online, i recommend Al Barsha Vet:

Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic (ABVC) 04-3408601 www.abvc.ae

Deira Vet. Clinic 04-2694987

Dr. Matts Vet Clinic 04-3499549

European Vet 04-3439591

Jumeirah Vet Clinic 04-3942276

K9 Friends 04-3474611

Modern Vet 04-3953131

Brit Vet 02-6650085

Emaraty said...

Zulekha Hospital..... They are all butchers back in there

J. Edward Tremlett said...

Modern Vet. clinic was always good for us.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like ringworm, what are ear crankers?

MeeA said...
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MeeA said...

Dr. Matt's Veterinary Clinic (now Desert Veterinary Clinic) on Al Wasl Rd. Dr. Matt is great at putting his patients at ease and a lovely man in general. And his prices are very reasonable.

(((dXb))) said...

Thanks everyone... wasn't able to read your responses yesterday, so we decided to just take her back to the same clinic. We thought that this would be better, at least the vet already knows our cat's history, rather than taking a risk taking our cat to another clinic.

The ear canker (sorry, it's not crankers) was given for the ear mites. When we took our cat to the clinic yesterday, the vet told us that the ear mites were gone, but he thinks that the ear canker may be too strong for our cat and it caused irritation. The vet injected something to our cat supposedly for her skin, and had given us an ear & skin suspension that we apply to the irritated parts. And it seems to be working... the redness on her skin seems to be fading away.

Thanks for the list of vet/clinics... this would be a great help in the future.

Oh btw, I also asked if our cat requires an elizabethan collar to prevent her from scratching her irritated skin. The vet wasn't so convinced that she needed it, but instructed his assistant to put one on our cat.

Has anyone had their pet wear this? We couldn't bear our cat's discomfort wearing this, so we decided to remove it. My wife and I agreed last night that we're going to check her in the morning... and if the irritation worsens, we're going to put it back. This morning, we noted that it is getting better, so fortunately for us and our cat, we are not going to put the collar back.

secretdubai said...

Animals aren't so discomfited as you might think wearing Elizabethan collars. Obviously they don't like them, but they are put there for their own good, and animals have no sense of the aesthetic element that makes a collar look worse than it is! So if you do have to put it back don't worry too much.

Hope your kitty gets well asap ;)

Anonymous said...

Do not use the non user friendly Al Barsha vet for vaccinations. Very expensive compared to other vets and nil bedside manner.

Anonymous said...

Al Barsha Vet is a very good one. Friendly and accomodating staff and they will help you with any problem you have with your pet.

Anonymous said...

I don't recommend Al Barsah Vet Clinic to anyone unfortunately....unless it's a big emergency and you don't know any other vet. The only good thing about them is that they are good at running the business..... and are open almost 7 days a week. Several recommendations they made were not right I found out when I double checked with couple of very good vets that I know in the States....Some information they gave me were incomplete. They are also not even close to being friendly or kind! I'm still looking for a good, reliable vet in Dubai. Is the Veterinary Hospital in Jumeirah good?

Cat Fiend said...

Vets out here can be a bit hit or miss, the best by far is the Veterinary Hospital in Al Quoz. I would never recommend the Modern Vet clinic Al Wasl Rd. Receptionists and vets speak very poor English. After a simple operation there, our cat suffered severe damage to his teeth. Thankfully all is well now.

Anonymous said...

Modern Vets are really good. Dr Lukas saved my cat 3 months ago.

Anonymous said...

i have a 3 month old kitten n wanna know from where i can buy a scratchpost for him in dubai.
Please advice.

Anonymous said...

hi everybody, i want you to beware of "al barsha vet clinic". i went there to clean my dog's teeth, and they told me that will be necessary to extract some teeth!!! without seeing the dog! i told them that i'm pretty sure-my dog has healthy teeth. my there was nothing to do. they are just doing business thanx to our pets. but i can't say that they're animal lovers!
thank you for your attention. i hope my message will help someone

Anonymous said...

I just recently found out that this vet who used to do house visits for us is now working for Blueoasispetcare in Dubai. His name is Dr Dieter and is very nice. 04-8135050 is their number. He's still doing house calls.

Anonymous said...

I recently found out that Dr Dieter who used to do house visits is now at Blueoasispetcare in Dubai. He's a good doctor and very friendly. He is still doing house visits too. 04-8135050 is their number.

Anonymous said...

Jumeirah Vetinary Clinic is supposed to be really good. I have heard so many good reports about this place and the advice i have been given over the phone has always been very informative and useful. Very helpful and supportive staff.

Anonymous said...

Energetic Panacea Clinic - Jumeirah 1 very close to the iranian hospital.

They are bril vets and also do alternative medicines for pets which has really helped out my dog with his skin rashes.

great shop in the clinic too plus they do petsitting and have a small kennel area

04 3447812


Mohammed said...


I can tell you where not to go, please do not go to Dr. Matt in Dubai desert clinic ( it is called like that but it is located in the middle of the city), I took my poor cat over there and all that Dr. Matt told me that he can see a healthy cat that is a little depressed, and he prescribed nothing and advised for nothing, I told him that the cat wasnt eating well, and he told me that there is no need to worry, I was a little comforted so I did not take my cat to another clinic for another two days, where I knew that my cat needed urgent help and if we have started the therapy two days ago, my cat would have lived, instead, my cat died 3 days after, because that doctor could not tell the diference between a sick cat and an "unhappy cat", I can not believe how calm and sure of himself he looked, an dI was stupid to believe him, but he told me what I wanted to hear..I will have to live with the guilt for doing that forever.

Anonymous said...

i definitely do not recommend Veterinary Hospital in Al Quoz. 2 years ago my cat suddenly became severely ill. The doctor there said I am certain it's heart failure and it's preferrable if your cat goes under euthanasia. she even said i will cut my left arm if that's not the case. Well my cat is doing fine now thanks to God and a compitent doctor in Sharjah.

Kumar said...

Please let me know of a good vet in Sharjah....I have a 8 week kitten and he needs to get vaccinated. Pls let me know only if you have taken your pet there.

Thanks Connie

Anonymous said...

Having recently been "adopted" by a lovely stray cat I decided to take him to Modern Veterinary Clinic for deworming and flea treatment, have an injured leg examined and have him neutered. This required several visits, the last being the neutering. On collecting my cat the vet told me my cat did not like him and he did not like my cat either - how comforting coming from your vet who is supposed to treat your pet as though it were his own. Also on two occasions medications were added to my bill which were not prescribed nor administered. From the comments I've read on this site, it seems every veterinary practice has satisfied and dissatisfied clients. I didn't imagine that finding a consistently good vet would be such a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone guide me is vaccination needed for MACAW parrots. I have an adorable 7 months old MACAW and someone told me that it needs to be vaccinated. I am really worried. Please help... and from where can i get this vaccination done......Thanks

Maleeva said...

I want to get my female dog spayed, was planning on goin to Dr Matt from Desert Veterinary Clinic.
Ive read one good comment and one bad now im confused :S
Please people help me.. tell me if im making the right choice. Ive made a booking for 22nd April 2011friday.

Sagarika Badyal said...

Anybody know good vet here in dubai? My puppy keeps itching and I would like to show his him to a good vet.

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