07 May, 2006

Publication horror

Yet another crappy publication from the gazillions. Originally posted in UAE Over Coffee:

Of course, journalism is a funny word in Dubai. Khaleej Times confirms it. The Buzz proves it. Every issue that this crappy magazines comes out with is just...worst than the previous.

This issue is about drinking.

"You know those old hippies who claim they don't remember the 60s because they were too out of it? Well, that's a bit how I feel about university. I swear I spent the whole time either smashed or hungover."

So now it's going to be 'coooool' to go drinking, instead of going for movies on weekends. The youth in this country needs positive examples, not magazines that ask them to go drinking because apparently, it gives you wiiings.

How can they forget the string of unfortunate deaths on the roads? When someone we know dies, people called out for awareness against drunken driving and alcohol, but looks like sympathies evaporate fast.

Moral of [their] story: Drink or do anything, but be sensible and take a cab back home. It's ok to die of organ failure due to drinking, but it's NOT recommended by these smart-asses to die in accidents.

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