19 June, 2006

Blog Writing and Writing for a Living

This is my first post to the UAE community blog roll. I am not new to blogging, but I am new to the UAE, and of course any comments I make about the country should be taken with a grain of salt until a period of six months has passed and the bitterness sets in. So far everything is overwhelmingly positive, and thus I am not to be trusted.

And it is because of this that I will not really write about the UAE in this post, but rather about blog writing itself. Many of us, I have noticed, who write UAE based blogs are also paid to write for a living. That means many of us are journalists, in public relations, advertising, copy writing etc. Many of us are used to redoing and redoing the smallest piece of writing for a client's or boss's approval. Our written work that we do professionally is carefully done (that's the goal at least), or at least heavily scrutinized by someone down the line. Blog writing is different.

I have become depressed looking at some of the posts of my blog (autoguy.blogspot.com). They feel rushed and many are rambling. I am hoping it isn't the effects of the desert heat.

So this post is both an introduction of myself, and hopefully the beginning of a discussion on blog writing itself. After spending a day writing from the morning to the mid-evening, I can't bring myself to write too carefully, or expound too greatly for my blog. Everything is short and rushed, and the only motivation to adding an entry is just to tell others what is on my mind.


Woke said...

Welcome aboard and get used to the rambling. We arent a very enthusiastic bunch out here. :D
And as far as I know, not many of us are not paid for writing nor have the skillset - but I swear I do not write for Khaleej Times.
Thats a qualification by itself.

secretdubai said...

Hello! Great to have you here, and don't worry about rambling, it is what blogs are for. (Not that yours seems rambling at all).

PS I edited a hyperlink in your post, so the lazier among us can click straight through to your blog from it.

Seabee said...

Rushed and rambling is fine by me. I think stream-of-conciousness stuff, rather than carefully crafted, is very welcome on blogs.

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