28 June, 2006

Oh No! Kish Airlines again.....

Oh No! Kish Airlines again.....

Quoting Gulf News:

Kish Airlines on closed runway Dubai
rep as Tu-154 Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 3:15 pm Post subject: Plane is damaged after it lands on unfinished runway

An aircraft was damaged when it landed on a new runway at Dubai International Airport that is not yet open for use. The Kish Airlines plane suffered a fuel leak and broken landing gear during the incident at about 1.30pm on Sunday. Officials have launched an investigation but said human error was to blame. None of the 70 passengers and 12 crew on board the flight from Tabriz in Iran were hurt during the landing. A spokeswoman for Dubai Civil Aviation said the aircraft had landed on a smooth surface but the runway was littered with construction materials. The runway is due to open by the end of 2007. "It was a small aircraft and so the landing gear broke and there was a fuel leakage from a tank in the wing. The initial investigation says it's human error but the investigation is still going on," she said. Six tyres of the airline's landing gear burst and one wheel is thought to have come loose and hit the right wing, causing the fuel leak, which was attended to "immediately" by the airport's fire brigade. The passengers disembarked normally. The aircraft has been kept on site for inspection by the General Civil Aviation Authority, which is investigating the incident. Other flights were unaffected. In 2004 a Kish Airlines Fokker F50 aircraft crashed close to Sharjah International Airport, killing 43 of the 46 people on board.

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