14 July, 2006

Bloggers on the Israeli offensive

The Lost Dot writes about how her family was evacuated to Syria, hours before the highway to Syria was bombed. I hope that everyone's families and friends are safe, Inshallah.

My family was there.. And just before the sunset they moved towards the borders in buses provided by the Embassy.
By almost 11:30 pm, they reached the lebanese borders and then only we were able to relax for we all were holding our breaths waiting for them to reach the borders as we know it will be a bit safer over there. The rest left to Damascus Airport escorted by the representative of the Emirates Embassy in Damascus and then left to Dubai i believe.

p.s. Beirut - Damascus International Road was totally DESTROYED early this morning.

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bandicoot said...

I just listened to a BBC Arabic report about tourists and visitors from the Gulf area leaving Lebanon to Syria; apparently as a result hotels and other rental accommodations in Damascus are full to capacity and some Gulf countries embassies there have taken extraordinary measures to deal with this emergency and help their citizens go back home.

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