26 July, 2006

Sand in my pants

Why do Americans make such rubbish beer? Millers is like dishwater, Budweiser leaves a nasty taste and Amstel is inconsequential. Except I stand corrected - Amstel is apparently Dutch. They usually make a great beer. They should be ashamed of this one. I must have assumed it was American because it tastes so bad!

Still, that didn't stop me from going to a media party last night for the launch of Amstel Pulse - a funkily bottled beer that is low in carbs but still has the same alcohol content. So you can get smashed but your arse won't get quite so fat. A fine idea except that the beer tastes of precisely nothing. So naturally I drank too much of it - because it is as easy to swill as water - the last half-hour of my evening is a blur, and I have a raging hangover today. On the upside though, I have been told that I cut a fine, fine figure on the dancefloor.


Woke said...

Indians have fetish for your laundry.
Americans make rubbish beer.

A cultural awareness programme?

Doubleletter said...

More like SPAM.

Tim Newman said...

Why do Americans make such rubbish beer? Millers is like dishwater, Budweiser leaves a nasty taste and Amstel is inconsequential.

Amstel is Dutch.

BD said...

Hmmm... Should we really advertize drinking exploits on the Community site? I'd leave it at my personal blog. Just a matter of respecting sensibilities.

Anonymous said...

Not sure this has any value to the larger UAE community...

samuraisam said...

Might I suggest you start a blog of your own; i'll happily add it to the blog-roll.

The UAE community blog is for UAE bloggers-- by all means; just drinking (from a non-moral perspective) is quite a personal thing to write about, and it'd probably belong better on a personal blog.

While we like to have an open policy about topics, generally speaking issues related to the UAE, the region and blogging are the target.

If your blog isn't already on the blogroll, you can either put the address here or email it to me at sam(at)samurai-sam.com

samuraisam said...

Ahh; I see your blog is already on the blogroll.

If you feel you've made a momentous post on your own blog; feel free to link to it on the uae community blog with a brief summary (but use this sparingly, the groundlings tend to get a bit touchy about this)

Bloglingo said...

OMG! Amstel is not American, it's dutch. It's name comes from the river that flows through Amsterdam.

Anonymous said...

Time for the American defense of Beer. As you know Americans make a variety of products. Buttwiper beer is the cheapest and lowest on the scale, like Nescafe and Lipton are the cheapest and lowest in the US. The highest on the scale would be the 100's of microbrews which...I doubt UAE doesn't have. This includes Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Red Hook, Henry Wienhards. These are better beers, the West coast has 100's of microbreweries.
So...America makes crap beers and crap coffee but it also has Starfuckers and high class beer too.

Georgia said...

Sorry guys! I posted this here by accident. And I stand corrected on Amstel. Calm down, please.

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