06 July, 2006

Why don't you DO something!

Foul-words have never been my thing. But I have to give it to Tainted to initiate action, instead of just copy-pasting articles and whining about it.

7Days mentions Dubai Municipality's announcement of NOT building a pedestrian crossing on SZR.

Instead of just complaining, I have sent the following email to the Dubai Municipality this morning, at transport@dm.gov.ae . And, I’d like to request that you too send a personal email to Dubai Municipality Road and Transport Authority, supporting the same cause. Hopefully, public outcry will be heard.

If the law fails to punish those who are breaking it, while punishing drivers for acting within their legal rights, it is only reasonable that efficient crossings are available to insure a minimum number of offences.

Building these crossings should be a top priority to Dubai Municipality to help reduce the numbers of road deaths in the UAE and increase overall safety of both motorists and pedestrians here.

She has also pasted the letter she mailed to DM. So for a change...let's do something.


Neglected-ism said...

My mail is sent!

Tainted Female said...

Thank you for posting this here negleced-ism...

Knowing what it's like to deal with DM by the phone, I thought maybe email would be a more efficient means of communication... Maybe, they'll get enough emails they can't ignore the request... huh?

ab@cd@ef@GH.COM said...

yes emails r very effective, i email when i shop, drive n go 2 the loo.

Tainted Female said...

Whatdda ya know! Yet, another pseudo-name for another anonymous tainted hater, only you seemed to have learned a lesson from my blog.

People like you, my friend are the reason UAE’s society sucks so bad, and nothing positive gets done. You can’t manage to get past your personal bias against me and join me for the sake of possibly getting something positive done for all of us; instead you turn everything I do or say into a sarcastic, pointless remark meant to somehow belittle me, because I managed to offend you somehow. Typical, immature, arrogant, negative, blog-bitching UAE expatriate behavior this is; and nothing more. If you could stand by your words now, you’d paste your name to it without any fear, as me and a few others have done in the emails we sent to DM.

But you’re right. An email may accomplish nothing; nothing at all. And 100 emails sent to the inbox of the traffic authority directly will also accomplish nothing. We should all just stick one finger up our ass and keep the other one striking the damn keyboard filled with hate and ridicule concerning the UAE so the rest of the world solidifies their beliefs that we’re all barbaric assholes over here with no hope at all for the rest of our lives.

I’m SURE you’ve done something more than send an email yourself to try and improve the UAE somehow, otherwise you wouldn’t have the damn arrogance criticize, would you? So tell me, how can we follow in your footsteps to make something happen around here?

A pity really. The likes of you make up so much of the population here and because of it, those of us who actually LIKE the UAE will suffer watching you bitch in your blogs about how shitty this place is while attempting to accomplish nothing at all with hopes to improve it.

intestinal blues said...

Obviously, 'abcdefgh' is full of shit himself/herself. At least someone's doing SOMETHING instead of crying foul. Get a life next time. If you can.

Good work Tainted. I have sent in an email too =)

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