27 September, 2006

Next on 'the List of the Vice': P2P??

Etisalat/TRA today blocked Torrentspy.com, one of the leading torrent indexing sites. It sure did have adult content, but most torrent indexing sites do have adult content. And Etisalat seemed to be filtering out the adult content on it to an extent.
This blocking sends out a message to all those using peer-to-peer sites and software (torrents, Limewire, Kazaa, etc..). P2P traffic consumes most of an ISP's traffic and and clogs its traffic. In Etisalat's case, be prepared for the worst. Technology thats filters p2p traffic is already in use in the West, how soon Etisalat implements this filter is anyones guess.


samuraisam said...

firstly: I deleted your double-posting

secondly: it is etisalat filtering and not an 'accidental' ban. securecomputing lists other p2p websites (notably piratebay) as "criminal skills" which leads to them being blocked.

Etisalat blocks as many torrent sites as they can get away with to save on bandwidth costs.

As far as i'm concerned, etisalat already implements bandwidth throttling to keep down the speeds you can achieve on file sharing networks.

secretdubai said...

This is very sad news. Though some torrent sites, like http://www.isohunt.com, were blocked but are now accessible again.

(Btw sam spotted the duplicate and was deleting it the exact same time I was, so your post actually vanished altogether for a few minutes. It's back now. Blogger is hella-glitchy at the moment).

Anonymous said...

Very few will continue to suscribe to the 512kb/s + packages if they do start blocking p2p sites and throttle the bandwith....which means less money in their pockets.

Tim Newman said...

Just don't go to torrent sites. I used to use DC++ through the hub system in Dubai. All the ISP would see is a link between two computers, there is no URL involved.

I'd be interested to know if any ISP in the world has managed to block P2P file sharing successfully, and by that I don't mean just blocking a few URLs and restricting data transfer.

marwan said...

Rotten Etisalat.

Abdulmajeed said...


honestly, Etisalat not fair. We pay for them and they close websites. What about other torrent servers not all of them have adult content. I hate Etisalat and i am waiting for du internet service, but i also hope that du does not follow Etisalat's way.

Al Ain blogger said...

It is not just because of Adult Content, but the matter of bandwidth only.Etisalat is blocking many sites which does not have any adults content.For eg: mininova.org.

Anonymous said...

Can you someone tell that is DC++ blocked in UAE

Anonymous said...

Anyone has DC++ hub address running in dubai?

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