06 September, 2006

Selling Dubai in America

Here's a press release in NY from DubaiProperty.com.

‘the most incredible thing about Dubai is that this revolutionary city is not a household name to many westerners and the majority of Americans’. There is a severe shortage of Americans who even know Dubai exists, let alone where to find it on a map. It doesn’t help that many Americans equate the Middle East with political turmoil and religious fanaticism which makes the region an unlikely destination in which to vacation. The best part is that none of this applies to this futuristic wonderland. is the most liberal of all Middle Eastern Countries. A modern, cosmopolitan city, Dubai today is home to a remarkable blend of cultures where people of more than 184 nationalities co-exist in a vibrant city that has become an icon for 21st century living. Regardless of race, sex, political viewpoints or religion you can enjoy a relaxed and pleasant lifestyle in Dubai. What many westerners may find the most shocking is that Dubai has been voted the safest city in the world two years in a row by Interpol magazine.

It will be very difficult for this mesmerizing city to remain hidden much longer. Luxury cruise liners are now adding Dubai to their ports of call. Many western A-list celebrities can frequently be found soaking up the sun and enjoying the nightlife of Dubai. Donald Trump, Palazzo Versace, Atlantis (newer version of Bahama Atlantis) and Giorgio Armani are all building luxury properties in this remarkable city. From sports and rock stars, politicians and movie stars, it seems that anybody who is anybody is investing in Dubai. It has been compared to buying in Las Vegas before the mega hotel and casinos or Orlando before World Disney World. The beautiful sandy beaches and azure blue Arabian seas of Dubai may remain hidden for now, but they can not hide forever.


Woke said...

Not even Emirates Today and all the PR agencies in Dubai combined wouldn't come up with such a literary masterpiece.

I seemed to have missed the revolution in this 'revolutionary city'.

Vanity Fair said it better.

clayfuture said...

"The beautiful sandy beaches and azure blue Arabian seas of Dubai may remain hidden for now, but they can not hide forever."

Yeah, another few years and the whole Dubai coastal area will be gobbled up by 5 star properties. No more public beaches. Money Money Money!

Mme Cyn said...

Oh, I think they'll be hidden under dredgers and construction cranes for quite a while longer, don't you?

MN said...

They "don't get it here" is my favorite mantra. Being an American, I can say that!

Most Americans believe that if they are going to invest in something, there has to be laws to protect them. This means the likes of Emaar and Nakheel projects would be nothing but lawsuits. One cannot buy something in the States and then be delivered something completely different (with months of delay) without expecting recourse.

While the idea of lawsuits may seem "excessive" it does afford the investor something that does not exist here, ACCOUNTABILITY. When and if the guys here learn about the importance of the R word (responsibility) then perhaps Americans will be interested. Having a lot of showy facades does not make it work.

Anonymous said...

This website is www.DubaiCondoProperty.com not dubaiproperty?

Anonymous said...

the website is DubaiCondoProperty.com , not dubiaproperty.com

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