01 October, 2006

Consumer Protection

Ministry can curb increase in commodity prices: Sheikha Lubna

Anyone who goes these days to Carrefour or any other supermarket can notice the tremendous increase in the prices. Yesterday I went to buy ordinary, yet basic things from Carrefour and ended up in paying 260Dhs for two bags!

This article is published today in the UAEInteract , we hope that the government will take some serious action to stop this crazy raise in the prices of almost everything. We understand that there are certain metrics for demand and supply, which might be affected by different factors; however we should also take into consideration that there are also other needs to be covered like housing, food, education, and so on.

I think now is the time where we have a side which will eventually be responsible in controlling the market move. We need some party to protect our interests as Nationals and Expatriates. Is there anyone listening?


archer14 said...

All of this when the price of petrol has dipped to almost under 60$ a barrel. A massive dip of 20% and inflation still rides high.

Slagothor said...

Yes, the government should set the price of everything.

I mean, that idea worked out so well in the Soviet Union.

bizzwhizz said...

well that can only happen when there is fair competition. forexample the World Banks ease of doing business ranks UAE at 77. Businesses have so much unequal opportunity, they are dependent on local sponsors, premesis ownerships etc. So when a business is struggling to survive the other is dying with rents and gov fines. We young entrepreneurs hope to find an answer to survival in uae at our site someday but the Gov does need to step in quick.

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