27 October, 2006

Grand Cinemas or Grand Headache

To the point talk is that the grand cinemas staff is always very rude and it seems that if they are doing bonded labor. Secondly the most important as well today I went to watch a movie in Grand Ghurair cinemas with my 1 yr old baby. After buying tickets and about to enter theatre I was told that baby isnt allowed. I was told the same thing by Grand Wafi but they said that if I go to Ghurair they will allow baby so I came here and faced the same problem. Above all the Manager was threating and the staff was rude in the way they dealt with us. My questions are: Where is one supposed to leave his infant if he doesnt have someone to take care or as suggested by grand cinemas staff should all parent leave their children alone at home or on streets because their cinemas dont want us with babies? Secondly dont they have any training programmes for their staff to teach them manners to deal with customers? They started blaming us that our waif staff cannot say like this so you are not right? Etc etc

I hope there are some authorities to look into training and mannerism of such public places. The manager of this ghurair grand cinemas and his supervisor both need to be taught how to behave and talk with customers. I also hope that there is someone in the organisation who will also look into this matter.

Lastly I would say that we all need to bycott grand cinemas if this is the way they will continue dealing with us. It is not about being allowed to take children or not, customer always has a right to request and management has the right to refuse or accept but no one gives them the right to be rude. This is not acceptable.

What do you say?


fellow atheist said...

Well, I'm glad they didn't let you in. People like you who are completely inconsiderate and self-centered ruin the movie experience for everyone. Take your baby elsewhere. We don't need your whining crying baby to accompany the movie score.


samuraisam said...

what movie was it?

secretdubai said...

Even if it was a children's film, I think a one year old child is too small to be taken to the cinema. Either get a babysitter, or watch a video. If that sounds unfair, then it's just one of the many sacrifices you have to make as a parent. Imagine what it is like for parents who have hired a babysitter so they could go on a special outing to the cinema only to hear someone's baby wail throughout.

If you could absolutely 100% guarantee your child would not start wailing and howling (eg if you have dosed it with some sedative) then fair enough. Not that I am recommending this - just pointing out that babies tend to cry, especially in strange enviroments with loud noises.

And on that note, another thing you might want to consider is the decibel level of cinemas - are they even appropriate for an infant? I find many films disturbingly loud, and children have far more sensitive hearing than adults have.

Besides which, some cinemas have special baby-friendly screenings (generally weekday mornings) so you might want to check about that.

Anonymous said...

rent a movie and try working for a pittance and having to put up with jerks like you...

moryarti said...

What do you say?

I say take it easy and chill out.

I do sympathize with you as I know how frustrating it gets with the limited outing options one has when having a toddler (I have a 9 month old baby, believe me I know)..

Nevertheless, a 1 year old is still too young to be in a movie hall.

As for the way you were "treated"... well, its unfortunate but sometimes things do escalate and people end up saying/doing things they should not. However, that should not stop you from having a good time with your family... life is too short.

BD said...

Well put Moriyarti.

archer14 said...

Seems like there are lots of cinema staff here..
Mistakes are there on both sides - yours for even considering bringing a one year old child and the staff for not explaining things in perspective. But why search for theatres that allow babies? There won't be any.

archer14 said...

and SD - dozing the baby with sedatives!
..ghastly thought :-D

who are you kidding? said...

In a nutshell -- you're an an idiot.

You're an idiot for trying to take an infant into a movie theatre.

You're an idiot for arguing with some guy who makes like five dirhams a day. And don't tell me you didn't get all up in his face when he informed you of the theatre's policy. You wanted to go to the movies and you got mad when they wouldn't let you in, right?

You're an idiot for not realizing that having a child requires you to either sacrifice certain activities or get someone to watch it. And yes, it sucks that you can't hire a sitter -- but bottom line? You wanted it, you had it, and now it's time to step up to the plate and deal with the reality of the situation.

So, please. Don't take your infant to the movies, or a bar, or a library. Because most folks will resent the hell out of you.

And please, please, please -- I beg you to make good on your threat to boycott Grand Cinemas. Because if we can discourage people like you, mobile phone users, morons who like to talk during the film, and people who allow their six year old kids to run screaming through the aisles from coming to the movies, it might actually become an enjoyable experience again.

Career Mentor said...

Really nice to see so many educated illetereate commenting on this thread specially our last friend who has even forgotten his or her manners and forgot that when you point finger on someone your other fingers are pointed towards you only. My IDIOT friend none but one read the whole issue properly. I had very clearly mentioend that it was not about taking baby in the cinema or not it was about the BEHAVIOUR of the staff dealing. There are two ways to say something -- oopss I forgot why am I teaching the ways here where you are already idionated within your own self and dont know how to behave in certain situations. ANywyas let me still try the two ways are to politely tell someone about policies or to display them where they cannot be oversighted. Second is to start of in a disgusting manner as you did by claiming to be an idiot head.

The only reason I had put this on the blog was that it was not only me who had attitude problems with Grand cinemas but while I was there I saw many others compalining about their behaviours infact a family had a big argument with the supervisor for the misbehaviour of their staff. We do face these issue and neglect them saying that why to argue with a 5 dhs salary person, whereas accept it or not we always deal with these 5 dhs salaried persons only and rarely deal with the owners. If the owners are not aware of the ILL TREATMENTS their staff is doing and damaging the company image and loyal clientele. I hope this message is somewhat clear to my self cliamed idiot king.

Last but not the least I am not a person who wouldnt think of others movie expereience let aside I will spoil my own. If I had my baby with me I also knew my limitation. First of all she was sleeping and I had her ears covered and then if she would wake up and make noise I was and am always ready to move out of the theatre with her and not to spoil the show. Yes small babies can get distracted by noise but those who have babies can only understand this that when they sleep the sleep very well and that is exactly what happenend with us as well when we were allowed to watch the same movie by star cineplex yesterday and the baby was sleeping thourghout the movie without any disturbance. So CONCLUSION is

Never ASSUME becasue assmume means

making ASS of U & ME

So your assumption that babies will always spoil the show is wrong as well as if I assume that they wont so I dont assume and have experimented it now twice. So you also better stop assuming and grow up.

In this blog someone has mentioend previously as well regarding the street language used kindly show everyone that you are adults, and grown ups with mannerism and atleast talk sense by not using superlatives and spitting out your biases.

Anonymous said...

You are a very angry and spiteful man … and you should not be part of this community

ali said...

i still say - boycott etisalat first :)

fellow atheist said...

career mentor,

It seems that you have missed the point. Most people (including myself) seem to find that rude behavior is in order for bringing an infant to a movie.

End of story.

who are you kidding? said...

"You are a very angry and spiteful man"

You have no idea how right you are. The idea that someone could be so blindly ignorant as to try to take an infant into a movie theatre and then have the audacity to create a scene when the management attempts to call them on it makes me quite angry.

There's no difference between this type of behavior and all the other small things that add up to make Dubai the most expensive third world city on the planet.

You think what I said is rude? Uncivil? Spiteful? Well, you're perhaps you're right. But that's speech and that's a whole different issue. The issue here is where we draw the line on all the tiny things, those minor transgressions that make life in this city frustrating at times.

This societal trait manifests itself in ways other what you did -- people here jump lines all the time: at the check-out counter, while driving, the way people are treated with regard to nationality. These are all symptoms of far greater "quality of life issues" that other cities in the world have addressed.

To me this is another indication of just how uncouth Dubai can be. It's not just the fact that you don't realize how incredibly thoughtless it was to try to get an infant into a movie theater, it's the sheer absurdity of arguing that you were somehow wronged by the staff -- of course they told you to take a hike. Who wouldn't?

archer14 said...

Learn to read, anons...

He didn't create a scene, the management did.

Granted it's his mistake of having brought the baby there. If you anonymous fellows here have any idea about what customer service is all about, its about politely turning down such requests. Its not about jumping, putting your foot down and embarassing a customer for bringing his child to ultimately humiliate him in the process. As he has pointed out, he has no qualms about being refused entry, then why make it a shouting match?
This simply shows how much 'world class attitude' the so-called businessmen are supposed to acquire by now, since this has become an International city as being touted repeatedly. Only that it is anything but. Btw, you (anons) all are so passionate in condemning him that you all sound like ushers of the same theatre. Cool down please!

Anonymous said...

Truth be told, I find Grand Cinema staff are really rude sometimes, but so are most Filipino (coz it's mostly them) workers in the UAE!! But that's not our story now.

You want to boycott Grand Cinemas? I'd like to know how you would do that since they're the only (good enough) cinemas in the UAE?

But of course, the most important part is, it's pretty obvious 1-year-olds do not belong in theaters. Even if your kid is not the noisy type or whatever excuse you might have. You must be really bold to post this on the community blog, and actually expect people to support you.

Rent Barney and stay at home.

Ow, and I really think we should start a move against noisy kids in cinemas and irresponsible parents who leave their kids alone in cinemas. And, don't get me started with the mobile phones. I've had enough of those. We pay money to watch these movies.

bizzwhizz said...

they are rude no doubt, But this a problem runnig in the veins of Dubai's service sector. There is no customer service ethics at all, thanks for pointing that archer. The rules even if they exist are not in fine print but in heads of shift supervisers and are very nationality conscious. good luck telling a local women with 5 kids and two maids to go back

fellow atheist said...


I hope you are not lumping everyone who doesn't have/want a blogger account as an anon.

Career Mentor said...

Its great to see that sense and sensibility does prevail in this forum as well. Only 3 people in the whole discussion had the sense to understand the actual problem and just not start shooting the messenger. The reason for putting this up was not to win any sympathy for not being allowed to take my child in the cinema but to point out the rude behavioural issues by the so called most sophisticated Customer Service oriented industry. Thank Fatima for supporting the truth and Bizzwhizz for speaking out the truth as well.

Slagothor said...

You say they were rude to you, but we're only hearing your side of the story. I'm sure the people you are accuse of being rude have a different take on things.

Spending money somewhere is a voluntary act - if you don't want to patronize some business, you are free to take your business elsewhere, for whatever reasons you want. So go ahead and boycott them. If they're rude to enough people, then enough people wil stop going there, and the manager will lose his job.

However, whenever I see a theater manager actually do something to combat the extreme rudeness exhibited by most movie-goers here, I am more likely to go to his theaters in the future.

If you can't find a baby-sitter, than stay at home. Whether you can or cannot find a sitter is no business of the theater manager.

secretdubai said...

One thing I do find odd is that they sold you tickets, despite seeing that you had a baby.

They should have been polite, and definitely they should have refunded your tickets. I agree with your point that rudeness is wrong.

But I cannot agree that even if your child is quiet it is appopriate to take it to the cinema, except in a special parents-and-babies screening. Ear muffs or not.

Annony Mouse said...

1 year old infants do not belong in movie theatres, even if they are deaf and dumb. Most other patrons will be expecting the child to be disturbed/cause a disturbance and that expectation alone will spoil the movie for them (they have no way of knowing the child's individual traits).

With regard to the customer service issue, unreasonable requests by customers should be dealt with firmly and with extreme politeness.

Career Mentor said...

Thats exactly what my point is. Why did they sell the tickets when I was on the window counter holding my baby in my arms, why they didnt tell me there and then that I wouldnt be allowd to take the baby in. The whole idea behind this discussion was that matters should be dealt with politely and not at any time harshly or rudely as they did in this case and I did witness 2-3 more such issues on the same day.

Anywyas I wanted to make a point and think that even if 3 or 4 people have understood it then I have achieved my target for all others who are still short circuited on the one year old baby and dont get the bigger picture I will just pray for them they their minds are open and more receptive to bigger pictures rather than picking out words to criticise only.

Doubleletter said...


I do NOT go to the cinemas to hear babies crying, and, in your situation, I would _not_ I inconvenience other people by taking my baby to the cinema.


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