30 October, 2006

The World Forum Launches Dubai Chapter

Dear All,

Came across this, and thought what a wonderful thing, as along with all the economics and money driven forums that we have had in this "Financial Hub" those of us who seek a bit of intellectual stimulation can no longer complain too...... The World Forum cometh to Dubai, what do bloggers think of this piece .......
The World Forum Launched in Dubai
The World Forum, the London based organization which is also regarded as a policy group/ think tank aimed at promoting World Peace through developing understanding and between the various cultures and civilizations based on mutual respect, tolerance, equality and justice, particularly between the Muslim World & the West, has launched its Middle East Chapter, and chosen none other than our Dubai as its base.

According to the The World Forum's website, The Mid-east Chapter has been organized The Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, The Deputy Ruler of Dubai, and the prominent names associated with The World Forum include, leading members of Britsh Parliament and shadow Ministers, Edward Garnier QC MP, Charles Hendry MP( Conservative), Colin Breed MP and Lord Thomas McNally, (Liberal Democrats) , as well as Robert Flynn MP and Lord Ahmed of Rotherham (Labour), additionally the council also includes the former acting Governor of Texas, state Senator Roger Ellis, and prominent UAE Businessman and chairman of Habtoor Group, Khalaf Al Habtoor.
The World Forum intends to organize various discussions, seminars, lectures and other activities aimed at promoting World Peace and intends to host a World Peace Summit in December 2006.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very interesting, and I think it should kick off soon. With so much happening, Its hard to get noticed so those behind it should bring some big names

y said...

y?y bother?

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