13 November, 2006

Sheikha Lubna in NY Times

Our favourite Minister of Economy and Planning was featured in an article in the New York Times. Click here to check it out. It's a very interesting read actually. Is it just me or does the New York Times seem to be paying the UAE, and Dubai in particular, quite a lot of attention recently? The same article was also published in the IHT and various others.


BD said...

Dubai made news big time in NY and elsewhere with the DP World controversy. This is a continuation of that.

blogrosh said...

I think there's more to it . I can't help think (and I may be incorrect altogether) NY Times is debating Dubai with agendas (perhaps both good & bad) ones in mind, i.e. pro-Israeli agendas that is. I say so, because I read NY times every week (not daily) hence can't help doubts there isn't an Israeli/Jewish connection. All you have to do is look at the Managing editors, the owners of this newspaper, it's current editors and pretty much most of it's editorials.

I am not saying it's all negative, but at best, the articles seem to be carefully planned out - call me cynical or paranoid, I don't care.

The Dupe said...

Yes, the NYT is part of the International Zionist Conspiracy.

The Arab reporters they employed to write this piece are obviously traitors to their race and religion.

It's good that we have hawk-eyed clear thinkers like Blogrosh to point this out to us, or else we might be duped into believeing that the NYT was cunningly disguising their anti-Arab, pro-Zionist propaganda by making Dubai look like a modern, progressive city where women have actual rights.

Damn, those Joooos are so damned clever! How can we ever hope to defeat them when they insist on continually outsmarting us?

Anonymous said...

dupe...you're crazy!!

Don't you know there is an Israeli/jewish agenda to everything!! I mean, Dubai markets itself constantly, all over the world, and when the media become interested and start probing - well it can only be the zionist connection.

As for the article, it was very interesting and very informative about her background - much of which I didn't know.

blogrosh said...

anon - you've got your views/beliefs, I've got mine.

ps: read the last sentence of my post. cheerio!

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