12 December, 2005

Want to be on the blogroll? Or a member here?

If you are a UAE-based blogger, or you blog about the UAE, then you are very welcome to submit your site to be included on the blogrolls (see the right hand column). Even if you don't actually have a blog, you are still welcome to become a member (this allows you to post on the front page).

If you have no clue about blogs, but would like to start your own, click HERE for a quick tour on blogs, and help on signing up with blogger.com and starting your own blog

1. To get your blog listed on blogrolls (lists of sites on the sides of this site)
No commercial listings are allowed.
email uaecb@samurai-sam.com and include a link to your blog and you will be added.

2. To become a member (this would enable you to contribute content to this blog and also to comment without being placed in moderation)
email uaecb@samurai-sam.com with the subject as 'membership' and you will be added.

Typically within 1-2 days I will add you, and send you an email notifying you. You should recieve an email from blogger/google with the title "You have been invited to contribute to samuraisam's blog", you must click the invitation link within the email to be added as a member. Ocassionaly this email might end up in your spam/junk folder.

Your blog/membership request may not be added if it meets any of the following criteria:
  • The site requires a password to access or does not load

  • The blog doesn't have any posts or hasn't had any updated posts in 3+ months

  • The blog doesn't load or doesn't work.

  • The blog/email/address either contain viruses or malicious content or are attached with known spam/phishing campaigns

  • The blog is copying content from other websites/sources
Important note: If your blog doesn't have an RSS feed it will always remain at the bottom of the blogroll list. Provided it has an RSS feed (which is detected automatically) it will be properly listed.