07 August, 2006

Definitive Look at the UAE

In A Word A Day (in the UAE): the UAE I describe in a nutshell the UAE--its population, climate and other descriptive elements, together with commentary on its history, culture, economy, political organization, current issues, etc. This all comes from the perspective of an expat resident, which may reflect certain biases. It is, however, the UAE as concisely as I can describe it.


Anonymous said...

We are not your f_cking students. Every f_cking day, word of the day this, word of the day that. We get the message. How about you limit it to once a week telling us about your special f_cking words? I though that I would hear fresh discussion from this community, but it is like a stale classroom.

secretdubai said...

There is really no need to be abusive. Many members here appreciate BD's Word A Day postings.

It's hard to take someone's complaint seriously when they (1) post anonymously and (2) haven't addressed the issue in a more civil manner previously.

Members posting here is the only thing that keeps this place alive. If you want a fresh discussion, start one.

grapeshisha said...

Anything related to the UAE is relevant, and BD's word a day is wholly relevant. If you don't like it don't read it.

B.D. said...

That's one minus and two plusses--I guess that means I don't get a failing grade. Your point is taken anonymous, but as SD said it doesn't say much for yourself or your viewpoint that you have scream it from behind a cloak of anonymity.

podme said...

I think that is one of the funniest comments I've seen on the community blog!

BD make it 3 plusses - but you've got to laugh!

Woke said...

Ooh. BD's red tie finally got into anon's nerves. Is that one of your old disgruntled students?

Switching to 'A word a week', like anon suggested? ;)

B.D. said...

Anon's comments are pretty funny--thanks for highlighting that Podme. Now if he/she would only post them on the UAE community's front page, then my "stale" little blog would get just the notoriety it needs.

grapeshisha said...


While maybe anonymous way have been a little annoyed, might I suggest that you highlight 5 posts once a week in one post. I really like reading your posts, but, they are quite lengthy, and I only read them once a week, and by the time I get round to it, I sometimes forget to. Highlighting once a week of the 5 words would give me the option of reading the ones that interest me. Only a very subjective suggestion.

Give it time, I am sure that it will get the notoriety that it deserves. You just need to keep at it. I'll plug you at some point, but I am creating something that you'll be able to plug it properly. Just a bit busy at the mo.

There is a real need for something like this, to educate dumbskulls like myself, and of course mr/miss anonymous at 1405!

I think the next word of the day should be either rudeness, impatience or dumbf*ck!

Anonymous said...

There are really some total f*cking morons in the world and today's winner is... Anonymous at 1405. What a valuable contribution he has made to the onward march of civilization! I just hope he can acquire another brain cell from somewhere so that the one he's got isn't quite as lonely.

I find BD's posts/blog very interesting, well researched and informative. Not only do I get to follow his thoughts on Word a Day but I can also keep updated on apartment buildings at Dubai Marina and his beach house at RAK! The guy provides more coverage than Gulf News! Good work, keep it up please.

If I could make one comment - I agree with Grapeshisha about highlighting five posts. I think it's more effective than expecting people to go to the archives if they don't check in every day.

Just a thought -


B.D. said...

A weekly summary post does sound like a good idea. It would be less obtrusive and provide easy reference. I have an idea for a topic a month blog (as an addition to AWAD), which unlike A Word A Day could be thoroughly researched. We have so much valuable info around us but it often just falls by the wayside. I'd like to "retrieve" some of that info and present it in an encapsulated format--via a single extensive blog post.

rosh said...

Anon - why do you bother to READ BD's posts if it annoys you so much - or is it because, you just do not have the ability to appreciate something positive?

BD - for the record, let me just say - I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE READING your blogs.

It's refreshing, very well written, the vocabulary is fantastic and so is the flow of your thoughts.

whilst I live in your home country (in NYC) your view points gives me extremely interesting perspectives on my "home" country.

PLEASE keep writing - I read "A word a day" every day : )

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