08 August, 2006

Khaleej Times - Newspaper of Record

Khaleej Times is included in the list of newspapers in wikipedia considered as newspapers of record, and currently is the sole newspaper listed under UAE. Checking the history of the article, it was added on the list last 27th of April this year [09:20, 27 April 2006 Sohailstyle (Talk contribs) (Alphabetized the English newspapers by country, Added Egypt, Israel, Pakistan & UAE and an Urdu section)].

According to wikipedia, a newspaper of record is:

A colloquial term that generally refers to a newspaper that meets one (or both) of two criteria:
1. high standards of
journalism, the articles of which establish a definitive record of current events, for use by future scholars, and/or
2. compliance with the legal requirements necessary to be recognized by the government as permitted to carry public or legal notices and have the notices be recognized as being made public by publication in that newspaper. Newspapers qualifying under this provision are sometimes also referred to as a newspaper of public record.

In its more common meaning, a newspaper of record is generally any public newspaper that has a large circulation and whose editorial and news-gathering functions are considered professional and typically unbiased.


Seabee said...

Bear in mind that Wikipedia is open to literally anyone to add entries or to edit existing entries. It's hardly the definitive word, most entries are personal opinions.

Unknown said...

I think Khaleej Times is absolute rubbish compared to Gulf News. And no, I represent neither in any way whatsoever. It is just a personal opinion. And I guess one that could be generalised too. Friday Magazine is amazingly informative. E Plus isn't too bad. Notes is a great medium for teenage / college students and of course Weekend Review (the GF one) is probably the best publication the country's ever produced.

secretdubai said...

Oh god that is just toooooooooooooo tempting...

(((dXb))) said...

LOL @ secretdubai

Maybe tomorrow it's out of the list? hahaha

B.D. said...

Won't anyone speak up for KT. Actually by the criteria mentioned, KT passes--the articles of which establish a definitive record of current events, for use by future scholars....

The problem as we all know is that the writing is poor. I suppose that point isn't mentioned because it is taken for granted that the writing will be at least grammatically correct. On this point, of course, KT fails.

And it isn't just a probelm of poor grammar.

Anonymous said...

both are useless !

Seabee said...

SD, you can read all about it here

You could have great fun 'improving' stuff on there.

Be warned, the favourite ones for such fun are safeguarded. I quote: "There are various entries that cannot be altered - the one on George W Bush has been vandalised so frequently that it is often closed to editing for days.

Also worth quoting: "The entry for the Israel-Lebanon conflict was posted just six hours after Hizbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers on July 12, but it has since been edited by other contributors more than 4,000 times.

And people believe what they read!

Anonymous said...

I added a bit on the discussion page requesting it is removed. Anyone who can add more depth to reasons, please edit my item.

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