12 January, 2010



The Abudhabilist said...

Baaaa ha ha ha ha ha *cough* ha ha haaaah..


"Oh no.. it wasn't like that at all."


"Errm.. no.. not really"


"Okay.. OKAY it was Exactly like that... sheesh"

(ace post... made me snort coffee out of my nose HAH!)

Anonymous said...

Another pathetic attempt to mock the unity of the United Arab Emirates.
The criticism of everything from Burj Khalifa to Shaikh Issa's acquital points to some very bitter people out there. But I dont get it, what is the bitterness about?

Anonymous said...

I find this highly familiar; where have I seen this before?

Jayne said...

The Abudhabilist - I hope the coffee didn't make too much of a mess :-)

Anon - awww diddums.

Khalood - give up, is this a quiz show?

nick said...


Ayie Marcos said...


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