05 October, 2010

Dubai Rental Property

Has anyone else been suffering with comment spam from Dubai Rental Property or Dubai Furnished Property? Neither of my blogs are about property, rental or furnished, in Dubai, and they are bugging me bigtime. Their whole aim, of course, is to score well in the search engines. If they've been bugging you, do a blog post about it, making sure you mention the words 'Dubai', 'property', 'rental' and 'furnished' in your post's title and the body of the post, and also as keywords or labels.

It would also help if you linked to either of my blog posts about this: http://probablymadrid.blogspot.com/2010/10/dubai-rental-property.html


nzm said...

Yes - I got one yesterday from Dubai Furnished Rentals.

Using Blogger's new Comments feature, I reported them as Spam and deleted their comment.

alexander... said...

What NZM said. Annoying, still...

Paraglider said...

Ditto. I think I've deleted about 20 property-based spam comments in the last two weeks. I thought it was because of the word 'hotel' in my blog's name, but now that would seem to be coincidence.

Dubai Photo Story said...

Same here.... being spammed since about 2 months now. I have never let the comments be published though.

Dubai Jazz said...


That and the "cheap hotel rates in europe" spammer.

Seabee said...

Me too.

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