22 November, 2010

Sat,27th Nov @AUS- Invitation to UAE premiere screening of "Napoleon: Life of an outlaw" documentary film

Please note the change in Date, Time, Venue and Topic

You are invited to the UAE premiere-screening of the documentary film:
Napoleon: Life of an outlaw
"When rags to riches isn't enough..."

The documentary chronicles the life of Mutah Beale. From his turbulent beginnings, witnessing his parents' murder, to his rise to stardom in the music industry as a member of the most infamous rap groups in history, 2pac Shakur's Outlawz and beyond. Napoleon will be present at the screening and will answer questions at the end. People of all faiths are welcome.

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Date: Saturday, 27th November, 2010
Time: 6:00 PM
Ticket cost: Free
Venue: Lecture hall A & B, Main building, American University of Sharjah
Direction to venue: Click here for location map
*Separate seating for men and women.

About the speaker
Mutah Beale formerly known as Napoleon, of the world-wide bestselling musician 2pac Shakur's music group Outlawz, was a Hip-Hop/ Rap musician and a film actor.

Mutah Beale spent his youth in pain and poverty. After finally acquiring the fame and fortune he had always dreamt of in the music industry, he left it all for faith and peace of mind. He embraced Islam in 2002, he now travels the world as a motivational speaker. Speaking to youth and people of all ages on topics ranging from the realities of stardom to the importance of following the Sunnah (traditions of The Prophet of Islam PBUH).

Napoleon & Loon (of P Diddy's Bad Boy Records) are a new generation of "bad-boy" Hip-Hop/ Rap artist following a trend of celebrity converts to Islam. An interesting feature is the drastic change in lifestyle towards spirituality and simplicity that they have managed to achieve.


the real nick said...

Oh good. There's hope yet for Justin Bieber!

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what this has to do with the uae ?? And how it can be relevant to the uae community blog?

Not the real nick said...

This brotha ought to stick to music.

Oh wait!

He can't sing anymore what with his sudden leap of faith!

My bad!

Abdelhakeem said...

Be openminded! I believe he's a much better person now. That means better for the world. The message he's carrying is currently much stronger than the one he had while he was rapping (not singing!).

My advice; attend the premiere. It's for everyone.

summer jobs abroad said...

Ah yeah, Mutah Beale, I remeber him as one of the posse of the infamous Tupac. Being one of Tupac's entourage and close associate really pays off. But still, pure talent and charisma will get you somewhere. Mutah's life is just like a typical black African-American life. Humble beginnings, crazy childhood, drugs, thugs, murders and eventual rise to stardom. But a great man always stands up after every fall, a real outlaw does!

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