10 April, 2011

Ahmed Mansour posts translated

There are some interesting posts on the blog http://alemarat.wordpress.com regarding the case of the recently detained "political activist" Ahmed Mansour. All translated via Google Translate (Please keep in mind these are automated, computer translations from Arabic and as such the meaning of them may be different to their original texts.)

References to "Discussion Forum UAE" are most likely to the long-time banned UAE political website/forum www.uaehewar.net

"Reasons for the detention of a reliable source (not arrested because of the petition as some claim, but for having to establish a forum under the person of the President and members of the Supreme Council of the federal and prejudice to the sovereignty and the unity of the Union and its tribulations and calling for a coup and cooperation with foreign countries) and would apply to the investigation of all Webmaster Forum. Praise be to God."
--more here: alemarat.wordpress.com: Exclusively from a trusted source charges against Ahmed Mansour

"In encroachment traveled and frank on the State of United Arab Emirates and the United Arab unity emerging from the new forum Ahmed Mansour (Discussion Forum UAE) to call to unite to overthrow the government in the state and change their institutions and that heads the state's experience and competence, not the tribe, and in infringement of a clear and explicit for the unity of the state, its head of state.
They changed the official emblem of the State and the prejudice and the launch of its slogan reflects the killing and bloodshed and nicknamed him "the new federal"

He also Ahmed Mnsouromenendah distorting the history of the UAE - the claim that parents and grandparents had acknowledged the Senate "against their" because in that period who did not pay allegiance was brought iron hot and ebullition his eyes or he was tortured or assassinated, and the rulers were taking the royalty of fishing the sea fishing out of date."
--more here alemarat.wordpress.com: Ahmed Mansour: must unite to overthrow the government in the state and Tgiermwssadtha to head the state's experience does not draw upon the tribe and the U.S. firms to give us tips on how to manage the affairs of the country after the coup.

"Surprised by the drummers of the dissension a storm of anger Arab Emirates on their pages in Facebook, making them the prohibition of any Emirates who defends the Head of State from participating in their pages in a move to deprive of freedom of opinion and expression for Emiratis.

Was reached in less than 24 hours the number of Emiratis voting that Ahmad Mansour traitor and should be tried with all supervisors Discussion Forum 381 United Arab Emirates, which is to increase.

Note that the UAE and Emirati had gathered for a revolt against the foolish under the slogan, "but Khalifa, we all Khalifa" in response to what was published by Ahmed Mansour, its Forum of exposure insult to the person of the President and members of the Supreme Council and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the Senate.

It was agreed that calls to sedition Emiratis in the Discussion Forum of insults and attacks on the owners of Highness and demand come together to overthrow the regime and the use of Balomrikan to manage the affairs of the country - is a invitation invite sedition and treason Do not call the reform of the UAE and the street unabated deal with these calls.

It also condemned Alamaratieon invitations owners sedition such as Ahmad Mansour, Dr. Mohamed Al Mansouri, Hamid Alkamiti claimants intervention the European Union in Shan Gulf and their appeal to them to intervene, he said Emiratis that this appeal to non-guardian invitation are foolish, so why not call upon the head of state and why direct foreign intervention and what is the nature of matchmaking, including and the European Union.

He also rejected what Alamaratieon reference statement and those who in good to refuse what they are saying that infringe on human rights in Bahrain and Oman. He said that the young rebels led by the Gulf Cooperation Council met and agreed on the unity of the Gulf and the Oman and Bahrain support it are these indefinite article in order to proclaim otherwise.

Ba note of those who worked on the recent publication of photographs of the events of Oman, in a non-objective and biased the outlaws in Amman and published confidential letters to the security authorities of Oman in their pages in an attempt to mobilize public opinion on the Sultanate beloved in the orientation direction contrary to the leaders of the Gulf.

As they were Almjychen of the dispute between the UAE and Oman in the position reflects the ill-maker and exit of the wisdom and tried to stir up sectarian strife between the two peoples.

He appealed to the UAE government that the Emiratis pursuing approach caliph Omar Ibn Khattab may Allah be pleased with him in the magnitude of sedition and not by the introduction of Osman Blinh may Allah be pleased with him and his dialogue with them, where they raised the slogan "What harm life on the magnitude of civil strife, but the harm Osman dialogue with them)

They also appealed to Gulf leaders to unite in the face of European colonialism, the U.S. and expose their plans and the Declaration of confessions in all media and to take political steps against those involved to stop it when alone Might Gulf uncompromising

God save the Gulf States"
--more here: alemarat.wordpress.com: In less than 24 hours: 381 vote that the United Arab Emirates Ahmed Mansour, a traitor and should be tried


Al-ain Rose said...

I don't get it why he's been deemed as a traitor

unJane said...

I guess because he's asking for change which implies a dissatisfaction with the status quo ergo slagging the ruling family, blah blah. I wish I read Arabic as this Google translation is only mildly useful.

MBG said...

He is talking by the name of the UAE people!!! which he shou;dnt because WE the People of the UAE dont want such changes!!! screw him i hope he, and his fellow protestore never sees sunlight again!

unJane said...

And I hope you're an ugly troll.

S.b. said...

@MBG, you are a true proletarian. Congratulations for falling in line, and knowing your place.

Proud Emirati said...

Actually MBG, I do want a change and I am an Emirati so maybe u shouldn't talk in the name of UAE people either

You keep living as goats ...

♀♥Kiara ♥♀ said...

Actually MBG, I do want a change and I am an Emirati so maybe u shouldn't talk in the name of UAE people either

You keep living as goats ...

I agree. If I were an Emirati, I would sign in under the Proud Emirati said.

Anonymous said...

What a shame of a country who does not accept people to ask for a change in it's government and political system. A country shouldn't be ruled by the rich, it should be ruled by educated people. And Ahmed is one of them and there are many more. Inshallah, one day the UAE gov. system will change.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the arabic Version of this?

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