29 May, 2011

The Dubai Jazz Combo Showcase

On Stage with The Dubai Jazz Combo

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unJane said...

These guys are good but they need a proper venue. A shopping mall? Ugh.

unJane said...

Why so silent? Is everyone on holiday? Or stuck in Sharjah with no petrol...?

unJane said...

I just watched the Al Jazeera documentary on Bahrain's struggle for democracy. Very powerful. Here's the link http://m.youtube.com/#/profile?desktop_uri=%2Fuser%2FAlJazeeraEnglish&sort=p&channel_id=0&livestreaming_tutorial=False&ytsession=%7B%7D&start=0&user=AlJazeeraEnglish&autoplay=True&gl=US&v=xaTKDMYOBOU

Texan after UAE said...

salam alykom, what a lovely blog. :) I love jazz.

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