29 September, 2011

One Year In Wonderland: A True Tale of Expat Life in Dubai

Shameless pluggery, I know, but as they say in the North East of England, "Shy Bairns get nowt"...

Here is a link to the e-book I wrote about my time as an expat in Dubai between 2006 and 2007. It costs only 86p

One Year In Wonderland

It is also available on Amazon.com for 99c.



theplasticpoet said...

just purchased your book for kindle.

will read it over the next weekend.

do let your me know how the kindle publishing experience is for you. i've been thinking about using it as a publishing platform myself.

littlejimmy said...

Thanks for giving it a go, theplasticpoet. It's quite a simple process to publish. The hard work is doing the marketing!

Kyle said...

Is it not available at the App Store for the iPad?

Tainted Female said...

Kyle, you can download the Kindle App on your iPad and purchase the book through Amazon. I recently bought a book not available at in the App Store that way.

littlejimmy said...

Kyle, you can download a Kindle app on the iPad, which then enables you to buy and read Kindble ebooks.

Kyle said...

TF & LJ, thank you for your replies. Next stop, the App Store.

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