01 November, 2011

Emirates Bank or Phishing?

I received an email this morning - purportedly from the Emirates EBD Bank.

It all looked rather official, but alarm bells were going off as I read that there was an IBAN # generated specifically for my accounts.

I burst out laughing when I got to the instructions and read #3 where it asks me to enter my bank account # to open the attached pdf. Even if this IS an official EBD email, I'm not going to do anything as stupid as that!

Click on image to enlarge

Just a heads-up, people - please advise your family and friends to look out for emails such as this, and if any personal details are requested in order to complete the requirements, that's all the warning you need NOT to proceed.

If this IS an official Emirates EBD email, they're crazy to ask their clients to do this, but then we shouldn't be too surprised at bank antics in the UAE, based on past performances!


Jad Aoun said...

Not necessarily a phishing email. ADCB's monthly e-statements are sent by a password-protected PDF with password being the client's ID number.

They are not asking you to visit a website, they are asking you to open a password-protected PDF. You can't do much with a CIF ID anyway and as it states, its part of your account number. If you have ever given anyone a check, they would already have it.

Farhan said...

There is no need to open the attachment. For EmiratesNBD account you can get your IBAN no on your account details on your online account. you can also get your IBAN number when you call on the EmiratesNBD helpline...

Kyle said...


Everyone I know has received a personalized letter introducing them to the forthcoming IBAN scenario. This is the first I've heard about an email notification.

You sure you're not a valued customer? Hence, the email shakedown, I mean handshake - LOL ;)

Thanks for the heads-up :)

nzm said...

Kyle - there may be 2 reasons for that:
1. we're overseas now
2. we're Al Shaheen customers

So maybe they're shaking us down extra specially!

jhaveri said...

This is the official email from Emirates NBD... I got the same and so did many others!

nzm said...

Farhan - exactly!

Which makes me wonder why they went to all this effort, when they could have just notified everyone of where to look for the info online.

POEA Workabroad said...

Everyone is happy to read this blog specially to all overseas worker in UEA. - Ana

Shaon said...

No ways.. NBD is Dubai... :)

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