13 June, 2012

Residency Visa Fiasco

The latest residency visa fiasco reminds me of past and other ongoing attempts to regularise the system of managing and monitoring just who is in the country and where they come from. Getting this right seems important given the increasing concerns about events elsewhere in the region and a possible outbreak of hostilities affecting a large eastern neighbour. Anyone like to comment on what is happening with the different rules between and within emirates on how you renew your igama?

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Anonymous said...

in my humble opinion, the uae is a relatively small country. this itself makes it easy to make full use of computerization. if we were truly united, we

would be able to do almost everything on line, without the use of paper at all; we would have free, clean, drinking water straight from the faucet instead of

having go pay for bottled water; we would have an efficient and inexpensive train and bus service coverin every corner of the emirates; we would have unified

rules throughout the emirates; we would have free access to internet instead of the "this site is blocked." our wish list goes on...

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