30 December, 2014

Time to move onwards with this community?

Hi all.

Seeing how stagnant this blog has become (from what it once was) is a letdown after the amount of activity that occurred here previously.
Several attempts have been made at rejuvenating the website and increasing posting/traffic but nothing seems to have worked.

I have a proposal that I'd appreciate feedback on.

Moving the site to a subreddit.

  • Automated bot scans blogroll RSS feeds from a curated list and automatically posts them on the subreddit allowing users to vet quality posts from the crap
  • Problematic users need not be censored when they can just be down voted into oblivion
  • Users can manually post links or create text posts
  • Users wishing to comment can sign up for a throwaway account requiring no email address
Does anyone have any thoughts on doing this or moving to another alternative space?


Stained said...

We did something similar to a forum I used to frequent that died out over the years. We moved it to Google+ where only 12 turned up. After 6 months it's pretty much dead as well. Like Forums, blogging has pretty much died out among the people I know apart from food (ugh) bloggers who I doubt would be interesting in starting conversations here. I think we can just leave this how it is because moving it anywhere isn't going to work either IMHO. And since I'm the only one commenting I guess my opinion is the absolute majority... ;)

Seabee said...

I agree with that, just leave it as it is.

Here in Oz the only 'blogs' with any following feature food or fashion and they're commercially motivated.

The original idea of a weblog seems to have died. Twitter and Facebook seem to be where people are, and that's a long way from blogging.

samuraisam said...

Thanks for the input guys and good to speak to you both after so long.

I had considered that, but I still feel that the UAE doesn't have a place for more interesting discussion. A lot of the previous popular blogs have obviously died off too.

Emirati said...

I think we should get with the times and move our blog to a subreddit.

Al Mulhama, The Inspired said...

And I just saw this *facepalm*
I really wish we can go back..

As well, with many new additions to cyber laws and regulations it would be very difficult to write without inadvertently offending someone. So food it is, or films, or sneekers, or ridiculous signage...

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