07 July, 2010

A simple fine

Hot on the heels of Abu Dhabi Police giving drivers a 50% discount for fines, Dubai Police has decided to take serious action following reckless driving on Sheikh Zayed Road and award an appropriate fine for endangering the lives of other road users:

"Two motorists who were arrested after shocking videos of dangerous driving in Dubai were posted on YouTube have been fined just dhs1,000 each.
The footage showed a 4x4 vehicle driving down Sheikh Zayed Road on two wheels, while a pick-up truck was performing handbrake turns.
The two Emirati men, thought to be in their 20s, were found guilty of endangering the lives of other road users and were handed the fines by Dubai Court of Misdemeanours today.

The police revealed that the reckless drivers had been part of an organised celebratory procession for fans of Al Wasl Football Club after they won the Gulf Club Champions Cup.
He said that patrols had been at the procession to ensure it happened safely, but they had been at the back of the parade so the cops did not see them."

More here: YouTube drivers escape with a fine (7Days)

EDIT: The National has reported that the court found the police had no case against them for charges of public endangerment.
It also mentions that one of the people is in fact a police officer:
"However, the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours found the 25-year-old policeman, identified as SS, and SG, 20, both Emiratis, not guilty of endangering the public and intentionally endangering motorists."


Anonymous said...

Well they were a part of an "organised celebratory procession"

so it wasn't really 8 in the morning on their way to work

Laura Norder said...

"Two Emirati youths fined for SZR stunt driving" - Emirates 24/7 Headline


Youths?! Irresponsible, immature hoons, for sure, but one was 20 (barely a youth in my estimation) but the other was 25 and a sergeant in the police force!!!!

Gee, I'm glad the book was thrown at them...

Kyle said...

That 20 year old dude getting acquitted I can understand.

But the 25 year old cop should have had this badge revoked and sent to the Al Wathba Gulag for guard duty.


Lirun said...

why not write about this..



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