08 September, 2010

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Having trouble reading this? Now you know what it is like for the 776 million people who can’t. Visit www.hope140.org to learn more.’


Stained said...

This is what I really wrote:

"Reading and writing is something we take for granted. Something 776 million can't do. Today we celebrate world literacy day, a day recognized worldwide and officially supported by UNESCO and the United Nations. Let’s make this International Literacy Day really mean something and help more people learn to read. Help make a difference and tell your readers – and the world – about the importance of reading and do something to help break the illiteracy cycle."

Lirun said...


Kyle said...

I believe the best way forward to make an (individual) difference is to actually sponsor a child(ren) with the greatest need and financially support them on a monthly basis.

Our family has sponsored 4 kids with greatest needs through Children, Inc. (Google for link). I won't go into details but I'll tell you guys that it's a great feeling when you make a difference especially in a child's life.

I wish more people would seriously get into the groove!

Happy Holidays.

edarabia said...

agreed to Stained. and what i feel that people are now more interested in watching videos than reading. reading habbit is no more in people now.. we dont have much time to read every line.. so we feel better in watching videos.

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