07 September, 2010

Serious Business

"These types of crimes are very serious, and according to the tip-off the department organised a team to investigate the case," said Major Salah Bu Aseeba, Director of the Department of Economic Crimes at Dubai Police."

Damn. What could be so serious? Not only serious, but "very serious"? And not only that, what could be so bad to catch the attention of the "Economic Crimes" department?

Corporate espionage? Price fixing? Cement and steel industry cartels? Monopoly?

No... Far more serious...

VoIP. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Just frikken' wow! I have no comment at all. X_x

Saif said...

I don't understand why the TRA doesn't simply make a contract with these companies. Wouldn't it be better to work alongside instead of just forcing everyone not to? Even if to make Etisalat the brand name but Skype as a joint product?

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