08 January, 2011

The most inspiring story of 2010

There were many things that made international news from the UAE in 2010.

One story that caught my attention and touched me deep within was that of Haidar Taleb.

Haidar travelled 80 miles nonstop for 14 hours. And then 300 miles across the UAE on National Day. See this movie to find out why it was so special...

It was the most inspiring story out of the UAE - and we captured it on film to share our emotion with more people here and around the world...

[Via Copywriter in UAE blog]


unjane said...

I can't find anyone blogging about Tunisia. Could it happen here?

Lirun said...

movie sounds awesome!!!

unjane - i doubt it..

Unjane said...

Sorry of course I should have mentioned I too enjoyed the clip. There is another one online as well. An inspiring individual with a great sense of humanity.

Lirun said...

no need to apologise - haha - not to me.. im not even from the UAE

this forum used to be a bustling hub of ideas and thoughts about the UAE.. now it seems half dead..

i think you raise an important point btw.. the mideast is seeing a revolt against autocracy and its corrupt tendencies.. the questions i would raise would have to be:

(a) how doesthe UAE fit in to these models
(b) how to people feel about teh role of UAE based media outlets who have been pro-actively streaming "information" and their input into regional affairs
(c) what sort of matters would the UAEians like to find out about their territory.. ie a wikileaks wishlist.. :)

Unjane said...

I left the UAE in Oct. after 16 years of love/hate. Since leaving I've learned of a site that Emiratis created to share ideas for improving their country which has been shut done by the govt. as they search for the various players. I assume it's not to offer them a job. I miss the old hustle bustle of this site as well as some of the other bloggers who used to write articles worth reading. Maybe the novelty has worn off of blogging? Maybe the majority of Emiratis are too well cared for to care about the have-nots?

Lirun said...

i think for any people blogging served as a living interactive document.. many have been passified through the frivolous statements that they post on their social networking profiles or twitter.. and i think the value of blogging is diminishing due to the competition it faces..

but i think there is something uniquely fascinating in this medium of personal journalism and find it irreplaceable.. especially in places where the media is so filtered..

i hope the uaeians that used to blog so frequently realise this and keep it up.. even if it means we have to read countless more traffic posts.. :)

cetatean said...

movie sounds awesome!!!

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