15 March, 2012

The fish always stinks from the head...

The new-so-called "Loan Agreement" of €130 billion, imposed to Greece by the IMF (International Mother F*ckers) and their euro-colleagues will be allocated as following:

1. €30 billion will be paid as cash incentive to the pirates holding Greek bonds.
2. €40 billion will be paid for the recapitalization of the Commercial Banks operating in Greece.
3. €60 billion will cover unaudited debt repayments.


Kyle said...

Nothing but the burdain remains for the Greek people

Ah! The benefit(s) -- oops! that was to read repercussions -- of joining the Euro bandwagon.

Be indie, that's my motto.

Anonymous said...

Never ever trust the IMF and World Bank. Sure road to disaster. These and other such institutions are made to develop and nurture "host countries" for the so called "parasitic powers". Only God can save us!

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