09 March, 2012

Wheelchair Accessibility

It's unfortunate that the facilities invested in here go to waste so often because of people acting selfishly. In this case it causes a wheelchair user to take more than 10 minutes to board an RTA bus.

Taken from the video description... "The challenges that people with special needs face sometimes while commuting in Dubai. We appreciate a lot and thank the government of Dubai and RTA for creating a network of transportation facilities that equality treat the able and the disabled so that now people with special needs can travel around Dubai with ease. However some irresponsible and uncivilised people get into the way and cause a lot of inconvenience to to others."


Faisal Haji said...

What a shame. No words can express my frustration with this situation.

Kyle said...


It's good to see a post from you.

To expand on your opening statement, I partially blame the RTA for not having bothered to train their drivers on such facilities on their vehicles. Had they done so, not much time would have been wasted on this particular journey.

As for people parking in wrong places, especially allotted to those with special needs, they need to be fined at the highest level or even have their cars quarantined. That should learn 'em.

With respect to these drivers not knowing Arabic or English, I don't know about that because most of the (public transport) drivers we've come across do speak English, if not Arabic. So that part about drivers not speaking English sounds a bit of an understatement & prejudiced.

All said and done, I wish the RTA while investing in such sophisticated modes of transport also invests in educating their drivers so that incidents of such nature are easily avoided and schedules met!

My 2 cents.

Mubashir Akram said...

My Name is Mubashir Akram Living In Al-Rahba Abu Dhabi.....
I'm also on wheel chair becauze i had a disease called Muscular Dystrophy.
Some times i also tried to go out side..But mostly get this type of situation and feel embarassing...that's why i Dicided to not to go out side.
Becauze people don't understand our Things. :(

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