21 September, 2009

Dust / Weather

An anon friend sent me this:

"Back in DXB... and noticed something while the plane was landing. I could see Jebel Ali from the plane! Never seen Jebel Ali from the air... so it got me wondering, while I was in the cab. I could see Burj Dubai clear as day business bay crossing ( asked the cabbie to take the senic route ). Could see wafi and the NBD building on the creek clear as day. And then it hit me. Between the weekend and eid all construction activity had stopped for 3-4 days, and with no dust being blown up in to the atmosphere for once visibility is extremely good in DXB. "



B.D. said...

I think it's more a seasonal thing. About a week ago I recall a super clear day. I shot the Burj Dubai and other images, and I was quite impressed by the clarity of the day, and it was a regular work day when all normal activity would have been going on.

I'm not saying, however, that a pause in construction activity should contribute to clearer skies. I can attest that in early 2008, when I was driving daily from AD to Dubai, I always noticed a sudden change in the appearance of the sky when I reached the Dubai border.

But today, there is probably just as much construction activity going on in AD as in Dubai, so that difference may no longer be there.

Anonymous said...

yuk!!! It looks & feels like a closed presto.

BuJ said...

Great post.. I think your anon friend is very smart, Sam.

While dune bashing yesterday I noticed I could see the Burj Dubai with EXTREME clarity. (I was in Khawaneej) which was amazing. I always get disappointed when I fly into or out of Dubai coz the visibility is crap and one cannot see engineering marvels like the palms or the world very well from the air coz of the haze.

I dont think this is much to do with Eid and lack of construction. It's probably got to do with it being a weather condition without much winds or humidity (both reduce visibility) and Eid meaning not much car traffic from schools, commuters, and yes construction vehicles. Less traffic = less emissions.

It could also be because so many people are using the metro, the pollution cleared from our city :)

Dubai Jazz said...

Indeed, the visibility is great and the colors have never been this vivid.

I'm not an expert, but I'd say it's most probably a weather condition. Hope it lasts.

Anonymous said...

When Sheikh Maktoum died and everything shut down for about five days the same thing happened -the most vivid blue skies and amazing clarity of air.

I think it's a combination of all the factors mentioned above, less traffic (esp in the mornings), less construction dust, less humidity causing dust to hang in the air, high pressure causing downward air flow which settles any particles in the air and light winds not whipping up dust and sand.

Coincidentally my car has been covered in dust, maybe because it's settling out of the air.

Nice while it lasts though

desertmadam said...

Oh wow, I also noticed that. Assumed it was because humidity was lower (at a "comfortable" 55%...) - had visitors at the time and it was lovely to see the skyline, Burj Dubai and blue skies!

nzm said...

I agree with Anon @ 18:01 26/09: when Sh. Maktoum died and the country shut down for mourning, the air clarity was unbelievable. We could see the oil rigs out to sea, and the Hajjars.

Blogged about it at the time

Also did a post on the smog!

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