08 September, 2009


Dubai's Twestival event, one of the world-wide Twestivals being held in over 200 countries between the 10th-13th September, takes place at Jam Jar, the funky gallery space thingy in Al Quoz, this coming Saturday (the 12th September) from 8pm. There's a map to Jam Jar here, BTW.

This is the second Twestival - a meet-up of people interested in social media in general and Twitter in particular - the first was at Barasti back at the start of the year and drew an interesting and diverse crowd.

Like the first Dubai Twestival, this event will have charitable fund-raising in mind, although this time the global events are being dubbed 'Twestival Local' and are raising money for local charities. In this case, funds raised from the event will go to the Dubai Autism Centre.

Pre-registration is a must as the event is almost certainly going to be full. Registration opened yesteday, so I'd get in early while you can. You can get more information and register for the event on the official Twestival website here.


Anonymous said...

be aware that anyone attending will be requested to speak in short inane sentences of less than 10 words unless speaking Chinese. Conversation topic should preferably provide some kind of insight as to what you had for lunch or dinner although one-liner critics of the last movie you saw are welcomed.

A leaflet with the proper pronunciation of most common acronyms such as LOL, WTF and OMG will be provided to all visitors to facilitate communication.

If you find a participant particularly interesting and wishes to follow him simply hold onto the pockets of his pants that he is wearing inside out.

Please note that following some complaint received after the last twestival participants are not allowed to follow other people to their home anymore. All pockets must be released upon exiting the premises. We apologize if you think it breaks the spirit of life2.0.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been on the Metro? Or is it like Dubai buses? No one goes on them except some tourits, Dubai's few carless people, many workers, nannies and some homemakers people from Karama, Deira and Satwa.

What is it like, the Metro? Life changing?

hemlock said...

anon 10:07: ROFLMAO

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