19 October, 2009

Etisalat announces 30mbps

Etisalat has just announced 30mbps internet through FTTH connections.

"Available in the FTTH connected areas and priced at AED 699/month, the new 30 Mbps package will also be made available for existing customers in the FTTH coverage area, who are keen on upgrading their account."

"FTTH will also allow Etisalat to launch a much faster package of 100 Mbps in the coming months"

Is anyone else worried that we might face monthly bandwidth caps with the introduction of these higher speeds? (It happened in Bahrain with the Boycott Batelco movement in 2006)


Anonymous said...

All I have to say: The Internet provided by Etisalat is primitive, and outrageously atrocious. If not speed wise, then it'll be price wise. If not price wise, it'll be service wise.

20mbps in USA = $9.95/mo (AED 37.00)
I hope you see what I'm seeing. -__-

theplasticpoet said...

i'm happy with my 1mbps, and i'd rather have it uncapped.

Anonymous said...

I think they should focus on getting their capacity increased so people can actually get the speed they are paying for, or hell even close to it would be nice.

A cable connection in Barsha is like slow dial up in North America, and a cable connection in Karama is like 1994.

Abra said...

Seriously 20 Mbps for 9.95 ???

I must be getting ripped off. I'm paying $65 for 25 Mbps for Verizon FiOS - they are offering on Fiber like Etisalat. They charge $135 for 50 Mbps.

Etisalat is expensive but US is not as cheap as you make it out to be.


It would suck if they introduced caps though.

Anonymous said...


You have to check out other venues in the market. I have Road Runner, and that's what I pay for the Internet. You also have AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, WOW, more and more.

Revel in the choices. But that, unfortunately, isn't the case with Etisalat.

Anonymous said...

Abra. All over europe you'll find uncapped 20mpbs + tv + voip phone over adsl for 29E a month since at least five years ago.

Abra said...

Ok, just checked roadrunner..

$35 for 5 Mbps.
$45 for Powerboost (temporary higher speed of 15 Mbps when needed)

Again nowhere close to $9.95 for 20 Mbps. Plus it's on cable not fiber. Crappy upload and download will suck at peak times. If you are comparing Etislat Fiber to a cable provider thats apples and oranges.

Compare to Verizon FiOS or AT&T UVerse. Both Fiber offerings.

Kyle said...

Telco (voice, data, et al) is a monopoly here and I doubt if the people involved would let go of their hold on this monopoly.

Ten days & counting since I doubled my data transfer package and I've yet to see a difference in the new plan -- in tems of speed -- per se!

Come on Etisalat, unblock VOIP & don't say tethering is illegal!

Neil Roberts said...

South Korea = 1gbps @ c.$15/month

Anonymous said...

It is the worst service I've ever experienced. They sent me a bill charging much more than my actual fee. After 3 month of complaining, they discovered, it was a mistake from their billing department.However, during this time I had no service connection, and they did not compinsate me for this loss. The worst part is that they keep on transfering u from one agent to another & no one knows or tries to help!!!!! They just ask u to fill the complaint form!!!

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