24 October, 2009

RIP: Her Say

In news that seems to have passed everyone by, the locally produced tv show "Her Say" is apparently no more (as of at least 3 months ago)

The much loved tv show will obviously be greatly missed by Dubai; you can watch the final episode here.

Slightly more interesting is that you can actually watch all the locally produced TV shows online on the DMI website now; not sure how long they've been doing that but I haven't seen it before.


Anonymous said...


I loved that show! I believe it was the most educating English talk-show ever! It will be missed.

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Good riddance. Hated that show w/ a passion...

Ghost Writer said...

It sucked. Hence the reason why it doesn't exist anymore. Yay!!

Al-ain Rose said...


ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ said...

I loved the show and miss it too

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