19 October, 2009

Good news

"From November 1, trucks, buses and light vehicles such as pick-up trucks, minibuses and taxis will face severe punishment if they exceed the speed limit by 10km per hour, said Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Director of the Dubai Police Traffic Department."
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Also according to Gulf News/RTA people will now be able to plan routes using public transportation via Google Maps


Media Junkie said...

...and just how do the plan on monitoring those breaking the speed limit besides radars?

I suppose it is a start.

As for Google maps, that is awesome. Now if they can just get the remaining buildings and landmarks working on Google Maps...

Anonymous said...

What does it mean? What is severe punishment? Is it a legal term in the UAE?

EnglishTeacher365 said...

Has anybody ever known a poor and/or dangerous driver who has faced 'severe punishment' in this country?!

Only if the dozy Emirati police force are actually bothered to move their arses will any change happen.

I have Arabic friends who have had their fines 'deleted' or otherwise 'disappeared' by the noble workers of the RTA, and all on a whim.

This move looks like yet more window dressing to me. When will anything of any substance really change in this country?

Grumpy Goat said...

Once more the obsession with speed.

Yes, excessive speed is a contributory factor in traffic collisions, but so are running red lights, swerving from lane to lane, tailgating, bald tyres, defective brakes, non-functioning lights, useless windscreen wipers, driving while tired, driving while inebriated, driving while using a mobile phone... blah, blah, etc.

There is so much more to traffic safety than collecting fines generated by a camera on a stick.

hemlock said...

while we are at it, will someone PLEASE get these pickup trucks, taxis and minibuses (which cannot exceed the speed limit by more than 10kmph) out of the fast lane as well?
(the other day i was coming back from abu dhabi, and i saw a pickup and a minibus racing @ 160kmph, going parallel to each other in the left most and the middle lanes. WTF! you are a minibus! ACT LIKE ONE!)

GG: you wont get tailgated if you dont block the fast lane. when a speed offender tails you, the bestest solution in the world is to let them pass. their safety should not be your concern.
albeit when you DO block them, you force them to under-take, which is even more dangerous.
and you piss them off...
not worth it.

Seabee said...

buses and light vehicles such as pick-up trucks, minibuses and taxis will face severe punishment if they exceed the speed limit by 10km per hour

What about cars and 4x4s?

Hemlock, you wont get tailgated if you dont block the fast lane. Not true, I've been tailgated and flashed in the right-hand lane when lanes to my left were empty.

Mohammad said...

Hemlock, I have been tailgated and falshed when I am doing the limit (60) in a one lane road (the adjacent lanes was under construction)

I have also been flashed when I am doing 140 on the 3rd lane, because the car behind me and a car on the 4th lane were presumably racing at 180+....

So what would be the "bestest solution" in such cases? ;)

hemlock said...

seabee: in which case, those drivers are just a******s. conventionally, a text-book rash driver will pick a lane with the least amount of traffic, and not bother with others on the road...

(all i'm saying, is that if you are going to be a good driver who observes speed limits and all other rules in the book, just dont do it in the fast lane.)

EnglishTeacher365 said...

I almost forgot this story. Last week I found myself on al Salam street, AD, behind a Toyota Corolla that was being driven in a rather bizarre fashion - swerving all over the lane, slowing down unnecessarily, then speeding up all of a sudden.

"That silly bastard's on the phone" I thought to myself, noting that there were two kids in the back (not strapped in, of course).

When the driver moved out into the second lane I undertook (she was going way too slow again) and looked across to confirm my suspicions.

But no - it was worse! The driver was actually reading a book, which she was holding open on the dashboard!!!

allie said...

RT @ Seabee Maybe I've been away for too long but aren't most of the fatal accidents on Sh Zayed Rd caused by the speeding driver in a privately owned car that is not a bus or a light vehicle?

If the tables have turned since I left in 2007, it's a very different Dubai than the one I remember...

hemlock said...

mohammad: LOL! umm, in such cases, i would suggest you take two panadols and call me in the morning...
it's a jungle out there yo, stay home!

but umm... doing 60 when 60 is the 'limit'? 0_o
i recommend you get off that road ASAP :) you will be causing some serious heart burn to the drivers behind you. :)

i*maginate said...

teacher, teacher...tut, tut! (fanciable face, though)

Anonymous said...

Speed limits exist for a reason. This includes a lot of different factors like traffic, road pitch, fuel efficiency etc.
Drive the limit, use your signals, pass on the left.
Don't text or phone while driving, pay attention and for G-d's sake, DO NOT get involved if you encounter crazies on the road.
Give them wide berth, let them pass you.
The Dubai Police have their work cut out for them with the insane driving on our roads but everyone can do their part by making sure their OWN behavior is safe and legal.

Sadar said...

Controlling overspeed especially for Heavy vehicles is good --Sadar

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