16 January, 2010

Dubai 1975

The Gulf blog links to what appears to be a very interesting BBC video dated from 1975...

Here is a film made by the BBC in 1975 about Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. At that point he was the ruler's son, but he would become the man who helped create modern Dubai.

It is a glimpse of Dubai just before it started to become the strange fantasy world it is today. It has a great creepy British under-secretary for foreign affairs, plus very good tartan fashions.

It is also wonderfully shot. The cameraman was Erik Durschmied. He shot many BBC factual films in the 60s and 70s. I think he films in an incredibly modern way. His camera does exactly what you would do if you were in the room - gazing and flitting between details - yet it manages to always remain beautifully composed.

Unfortunately the video won't work unless you're in the UK.


The Ego said...

Loved the aerial view of Dubai!

Anonymous said...

it says not available in your area?

any ideas how to watch it?

Anonymous said...

If its only available in the UK then why post it here?

Is there any other way to watch it here??

Anonymous said...

I was able to watch it - I'm in Dubai - using the VPN I use for skype, flickr etc.

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