05 January, 2010

We were awestruck...

We were dumbfounded.

We were spellbound.

That was my reaction and my interpretation of the reaction of the crowd around me.

For 20 minutes it was jaw-dropping oohs, ahhs and euphoric cheers. The dedication of the Tower was a once in a lifetime spectacle.

You had to have been there--at the rear of Dubai mall, with the cascading fountain blowing cool mist over you, the light and fireworks spectacle all around the tower and then the explosion of the tower itself several times over.

For me the most apt way to describe it is as a controlled volcanic eruption. Simply incredible.


The TEFL Tradesman said...

Oooh, don't it look grand!

I do hope they have a pint-sized version for tourists like me to take home on the plane.

And who is this "Khalifa" chick, anyway?

Lirun said...

how long does it take to get up by elevator to teh top floors?

B.D. said...

65 seconds to get from G to 124.

Lirun said...

holy moses

Oman's Collective Intelligence said...


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